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Jaylei Art Program - All Classes: BOOKED

Interior and exterior mural schedule OPEN! Click Here to book now

**Jaylei Art is the NEW art teacher at the Kent County Juvenile Center: The past month Jaylei Art has been able to inspire young men through an artistic lens, while providing a variety of art activities that creates focus and keeps their creative minds flowing. Jaylei Art is so grateful and blessed to continue inspiring the youth and the Grand Rapids community positively through art! Thank you all for your loyal support. **

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Upcoming Events

***Featured Solo Artist for the Que Calor Art Show at Cafe Rica May 17th - Battle Creek, MI***

Summer Breeze Music Festival Art Vendor  May 18th - Battle Creek, MI

***Jaylei Art Solo Exhibition "The 4 L's" at Kellogg Community College(KCC)  September 13th - Battle Creek, MI***

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