Jaylei Art Program

Our Mission

Jaylei Art's mission is to not only uplift the community through an artists lens, but to also create meaningful sources for the youth within the artist community!


It’s important that we listen, cherish, and motivate young artists to follow what they truly desire, while also showing them why they should. Jaylei Art is a place for young artists to get comfortable communicating their favorite focus through art and practicing those skills.


The past 3 years, Jaylei Art has developed a 10 week program from contributing to community projects in Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, MI. This program focuses on helping young artists follow and practice their passion through art. Once a week for 2 hours, Jamari helps artists get prepared for excitement, painting practices, and growth through an artist lens. 

Classes Offered

Intro Art, Advance Drawing I, Advance Drawing II, Studio Time, and a Creative Twist Class. Each class is for 10 weeks and for Studio Time you can come into the studio whenever I send over available times. Scroll below for more information. 


- Students will describe weaknesses and strengths 

- Students will learn to critique their work 

- Students will learn how to research other artists and how to gain inspiration

- Students will expand art vocabulary 

- Students will practice and produce creative works that will demonstrate their artist growth

- Jaylei Art will provide all materials and snacks needed per students request

Studio Time

Students are offered the entire time to work on any projects they desire to work on. I will be there to guide students if they have questions and materials will still be provided. Most students join into Studio Time after they've completed all of the other classes!

I'm Ready To Pay!

The set price for the 10 week program is $400 total and $40 per session. Jaylei art will contact you right away after your purchase to discuss scheduling and any other questions you may have. If you would like to contact Jaylei Art before making your payment with questions, feel free to do so by clicking the contact tab! In order to confirm your spot you must make your nonrefundable down payment before the first and every session, then you can pay the remaining balance the day of class. Down payments are now required to be paid by 3pm on Saturdays!  


Battle Creek, the Jaylei Art studio through ACC(Art and Culture Collective) is located at First Congregational Church. 

145 Capital Ave NE, Battle Creek, MI - Jaylei Art Hours: Sundays, 9am-7pm

Jaylei Art is currently searching for an office space for our students in the Grand Rapids community! We will announce and make updates to our site immediately once our location has been found. Thank you all for your patience! 


2hr session: $40

Studio Time 2hrs: $30

Open Classes

Sunday classes all BOOKED! Will update site once I have availability. Thank you all for your support.

Click HERE to book now

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